Too Busy To Eat Healthy; Too Easy Not To

Too Busy To Eat Healthy; Too Easy Not To

Your day has been busy since the minute the alarm clock woke you up.  Our days are never long enough and there is never enough time to plan and prepare a healthy meal.  These five quick tips might be the key to getting on top of eating healthy.

1. Planning is the key

Knowing what you’re going to cook from Monday to Sunday makes shopping much easier.  Make a list of your meals and the ingredients you need and plan to shop for it all in one go.  You can mix it up for different nights but if you have all the ingredients in the cupboard it will make it so much easier.

2. Use it more than once

Using your main ingredient for multiple meals saves on prep, cooking and cleaning time.   If you’re having a roast chicken on Sunday you can use the left overs for lunches the next day.

3. The night before – prepare lunch

Whether it’s the kids’ lunches or your own, packing it the night before will get you off to the right start.  Preparing healthy snacks and leaving them in the fridge to easily grab for lunches the next day, will save you time and make sure you’re not grabbing a quick unhealthy snack to get you through.

4. The freezer is your friend

Coming up to winter, one pot meals, stews and casseroles are a must on the menu.  Prepare the meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer – no need to cook them first.

5. Add a little spice

Choose a little spice to add to your meals, this can turn your boring meat and three veg into a taste sensation that will have the family believing you’ve been slaving over a hot stove all day.  Coat some prawns in Flavour Fix’s Maca Mango, put some sweet potato chips in the oven and prepare a pear, walnut and rocket salad sprinkled with Maca Mango; an easy meal the family will adore.

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